I’m Emilie. I am wife to Justin, my [kinda] high school sweetheart. I’m mama to three little ladies, Harlow, Zovi and Oaklyn. (Please pray for my sweet husband and all this estrogen) I have the privilege of staying home and wrangling our little three ring circus every day. We live in Illinois amidst corn fields and pumpkins. I am an eternal optimist who thinks most of the worlds problems can be solved with a few hugs and a LOT of love. Sometimes I am super socially awkward, other times I am outgoing and unafraid. I make things sometimes. I love my friends and family, wine, a good girls night, dark nail polish, wearing shoes without socks (gross I know) and anything that contains caffeine. Most importantly though, I really love Jesus and thank goodness He loves all of this ^ in me.


This is our life and everything we are learning as we go. It’s not perfect, and sometimes it’s pretty messy, but it’s still beautiful.

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